Infrastructure safety – Real and virtual testing

Road safety equipment in real conditions - TRANSPOLIS

Experimental activities of impact tests on road safety equipments in virtual and real conditions, according to the corresponding standards.

Our customer-oriented services

Transpolis supports its clients - road-safety organisations - in particular those concerned with the safety afforded by road-safety equipment. This support is offered in all they do, from new product development through to installation on site via performance assessment in relation to national and international standards.

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Virtual Testing

In parallel to its experimental activities, TRANSPOLIS has acquired significant experience in the computer modelling of crash tests on road safety systems. Our expert teams provides 3D numerical simulation of crash tests on road safety equipment and reproduction of accidents with means of transportation (cars, buses, trams)

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Computer Mechanical Study Types

Road furniture evaluation

In the field of road furniture experimental evaluation, TRANSPOLIS has built up, for more than 25 years, an international reputation due to its experience and the quality of its work. 

Transpolis is a test laboratory accredited by the COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) member of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) according to the requirements of the quality standard ISO / IEC 17025 (General requirements concerning the competence of laboratories calibrations and tests). We can perform tests on road devices of all types, according to the standards in force EN1317, EN12767, IWA 14-1 or other.

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EN 1317 European Standard
EN 12767 European Standard
Defensive Blockers
Evaluation of guardrails transitions (NF 058)
Evaluation of protective devices for motorcyclists

Our customers

25 years of renewed confidence, our customers entrust us for performing virtual and real crash tests on their prototypes :  AMCO LES ESCAMOTABLES, APRR, AXIMUM, COMELY, LACROIX, LPC groupe ROADIS, GAILLARD RONDINO, METALOGALVA, STALPRODUKT, ZINCOMETAL

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