Virtual Testing

3D numerical simulation - TRANSPOLIS

In parallel to its experimental activities, TRANSPOLIS has acquired significant experience in the computer modelling of crash tests on road safety systems. Our expert teams provides 3D numerical simulation of crash tests on road safety equipment and reproduction of accidents with means of transportation (cars, buses, trams)

Transpolis adapts to meet the needs of its clients by offering several types of study : help in the development of new systems, modifications to existing systems and / or optimisation or analysis studies.

They can involve the development of new systems, or the modification of existing systems. In both cases, our experts carry out in-depth optimisation studies and parametric analyses to ensure that the solutions proposed are truly robust.

Simulation work is based on the finite element method, in particular the Ls-Dyna® calculation solver and advanced tools before and after model and simulation processing.

Computer Mechanical Study Types

TRANSPOLIS can accompany its clients' R&D process by conducting different types of numerical studies : development of new systems, modifications of existing systems, optimization studies, accident reconstruction.  

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