EN 1317 European Standard

The EN 1317 European standard was developed within the framework of the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC and EN1317-5 serves as a basis for the CE marking of road safety systems such as safety barriers and guardrails, crash cushions, barrier extremities and transitions.

Transpolis is an active member of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) working group, CEN / TC226 / WG1 (Road Restraint Systems), which is constantly developing and evolving these standards.

EN 1317 (Restraint Systems) is part of the European Construction Products Regulation. According to this regulation, the manufacturer, must establish with the help of a notified certification body, a declaration of performance of his product and apply for CE marking.

Transpolis carries out crash tests according to this standard for road restraint devices such as safety barriers, crash cushions, terminals and transitions of safety barriers.

The harmonized standard EN 1317-5 (Road Restraint Systems - Part 5: Product Requirements and Conformity Assessment for Vehicle Restraint Systems) is based on technical support standards:

  •     EN 1317-1: Road restraint systems - Part 1: Terminology and general criteria for test methods
  •     EN 1317-2: Road restraint systems - Part 2: Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for safety barriers
  •     EN 1317-3: Road restraint systems - Part 3: Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for crash cushions
  •     Pr EN 1317-4: Road restraint systems - Part 4: Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for transitions and removable barrier sections
  •     Fpr EN 1317-7: Road restraint systems - Part 7: Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for terminals
  •     CEN / TS 1317-8: Road restraint systems - Part 8: Road restraint systems for motorcycles

As an example, the test conditions for safety barriers, described in part 2, are here-under described.

Safety barriers

Within the context of this standard the crash tests require various vehicle types like cars, trucks ranging from 10 tonnes to 38 tonnes and coaches and must be performed following these conditions.

Test Vehicle Mass (kg) Speed (Km/h) Angle
TB11 Car 900 100 20
TB21 Car 1300 80 8
TB22 Car 1300 80 15
TB31 Car 1500 80 20
TB32 Car 1500 110 20
TB41 Rigid Truck 10 000 70 8
TB42 Rigid Truck 10 000 70 15
TB51 bus 13 000 70 20
TB61 Rigid Truck 16 000 80 20
TB71 Rigid Truck 30 000 65 20
TB81 Articulated Truck 38 000 65 20

The standard defines several containment levels for safety barriers, depending on the vehicle type to be restrained. For one barrier of a given containment level, one or two crash tests must be conducted.

  Level  Test
 Low angle






TB41 + TB21





TB32 + TB11








TB42 + TB11

TB42 + TB11 + TB32

TB51 + TB11

TB51 + TB11 + TB32

TB61 + TB11

TB61 + TB11 + TB32

 Very High




TB71 + TB11

TB81 + TB11

Heavy vehicle + TB11 + TB32

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