Our customer-oriented services

Transpolis supports its clients - road-safety organisations - in particular those concerned with the safety afforded by road-safety equipment. This support is offered in all they do, from new product development through to installation on site via performance assessment in relation to national and international standards.

To assess the performance of road-safety systems, Transpolis has developed a methodology based not only on the implementation of crash tests, but also on the use of sophisticated digital simulation tools, two approaches which can be offered either separately or in combination.

This synergy arising from the integration of the two approaches can be depicted thus:

Synergie : essais virtuels + réels

The joint use of actual tests and digital simulation tests allows Transpolis to guarantee its clients the validity of digital models by correlation with experimental tests.

Moreover, Transpolis offers its clients its expertise in the field of international standards, in particular European standards, as a member of CEN working groups.

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