Vehicle testing - ADAS and automated vehicles

TRANSPOLIS City lab for connected and automated vehiclesVehicles performing assessment tests in the CityLab

TRANSPOLIS is a major player in the field of ADAS-equipped, automated and connected vehicles, with global resources and services to support its clients from simulation through to approval.

Computer simulation

In accordance with the engineering approach for automobile systems, we will support you in the implementation of simulation studies to develop and test systems and networks of systems in their entirety on the entire vehicle and on the basis of realistic scenarios.

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Types of test

Thanks to our expertise and the diversity of our resources and equipment, we can carry out a large variety of tests for our clients. Endurance, reliability and / or performance tests can thus be carried out for all types of vehicle, including light vehicles, coaches and buses, industrial and commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, site plant, 2-wheel vehicles. We can carry out tests, using customised scenarios, on automated or connected vehicles or vehicles fitted with advanced...

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Vehicle Test Tracks

TRANSPOLIS offers a broad research and experimentation platform by making available to its clients 2 additional equipped and serviced proving grounds for their various tests :

  • La Valbonne Proving Ground, site dedicated to "complete vehicle testing + homologation"
  • Les Fromentaux, site with dedicated to experiments in the field of automated, connected and electric vehicle 
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Services and experts

Our services are provided by a team comprising doctors (PhD), engineers, project managers, technicians and test drivers who are experts in the field of vehicle testing. They intervene in the various types of tests: Endurance, reliability, performance tests on ADAS, automated and connected vehicles.

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Our customers

Companies from the world of automotive and automotive equipment entrust us with their projects of development and development of their innovations: Navya, Siemens, Renault / Nissan / Mitsubishi, Jtekt, Plastic Omnium, Ivecobus-CNH Industrial, Bustronic Groupe Besset. Bruno BLIN, President of Renault Trucks, talks about TRANSPOLIS: "At Renault Trucks, we are continuing our efforts to increase the technical and economic efficiency of our vehicles, limit their impact on air quality and congestion...

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