Types of test

Testing automated vehicle with cycle target

Thanks to our expertise and the diversity of our resources and equipment, we can carry out a large variety of tests for our clients.

Endurance, reliability and / or performance tests can thus be carried out for all types of vehicle, including light vehicles, coaches and buses, industrial and commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, site plant, 2-wheel vehicles.

We can carry out tests, using customised scenarios, on automated or connected vehicles or vehicles fitted with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

We intervene in different stages of the V cycle:

> Development and qualification tests:

  • AEB: autonomous emergency braking system
  • AFIL: lane keeping assist (LSS – LKA)
  • SAS: speed assist system
  • ESC: electronic stability control
  • BSD: blind spot detection / intervention (BSI)
  • ACC: adaptive cruise control (or radar guided cruise control)

> Development and benchmarking:

  • Innovative test scenarios: car against car (C2C), car against pedestrian, car against 2-wheeler, night-time tests
  • Comparative and assessment tests
  • Specification: definition of performance objectives

> Technical support

  • Development of customised test protocols
  • Technical assistance in development phase

> Expertise in system integration

> Preparatory EuroNCAP tests, in partnership with accredited laboratories. 

Avoidance System    EURONCAP testing with dummy