Urban Mobility Lab

Unique urban mobility lab in Europe


Growth in urban travel needs is fast outpacing the development of transport infrastructure. As stakeholders ranging from city administrations and transport companies to telecom operators and shared mobility companies consider a variety of alternatives to current transportation, the need is to identify business strategies that enable sustainable integrated urban mobility. Looking at the mobility system as a whole is necessary to make great leap in progress. Up until now, very little work has been done on how to integrate the technical, economic, social and policy considerations to create a viable mobility system that meets the dynamic needs of a changing world.    

Our DNA is crystallized around 3 major elements:

  • urban mobility whereas the vehicle is one of the essential components of the mobility system
  • a systemic approach to innovation with a broad and involved ecosystem
  • "smart" infrastructures.

Transpolis has been created to design and build a 200 acres urban mobility lab to innovate, test, showcase technologies and solutions from a wide range of strategic partners. This urban mobility lab is currently under construction in the Lyon region with the aim of opening at the end of 2018. The comprehensive year-round proving ground will be dedicated to experimentation of a very large variety of scenarios and use cases that are mandatory for the development of connected, automated and even autonomous vehicles (CAV technology).   

Transpolis site to be - 2018


Transpolis is a hub to design, test and showcase new technologies  through systemic innovation and international partnerships at the crossroads of  strategic activities : vehicles, energy, infrastructure and building, communication (IT, networks, IoT), e-commerce & delivery services.

Some topics and ideas under development :
  • autonomous vehicle and connected cars,
  • traffic management,
  • vehicle tracking,
  • EV charging infrastructures and supervision,
  • tolling and congestion charging,
  • delivery services,
  • integrated mobility,
  • urban lighting,
  • internet of Things and M2M communications.
Need further information? Please contact us at contact@transpolis.fr