Vehicle Test Tracks

TRANSPOLIS offers a broad research and experimentation platform by making available to its clients 2 additional equipped and serviced tracks for their various tests.

Lyon Saint-Exupéry Test Tracks, 25km from Lyon

The tracks extend over 30 ha and comprise principally eight zones allowing life-size crash tests on road safety equipment to be carried out.

The outer road measuring a total of 2000 m in length, and the various adjacent roads, allow endurance and braking tests, training in safe and economical driving and acoustic tests to be carried out.

Fully equipped meeting rooms with internet connections can also be made available to clients for the operational monitoring of their tests or for theoretical training sessions.

Plateforme d'essais à Lyon Saint-Exupéry

La Valbonne Proving Ground, 30km from Lyon 

The site offers 42 km of track over 70 hectares.

The experiment resources offered over around twenty tracks are for the assessment of the behaviour of private and public transport vehicles (for goods or people) and their equipment. Road-holding tests for buses, endurance tests for HGV's, and acoustic tests for electric vehicles can be carried out throughout the year.

Logistical aids are also to be found there: meeting rooms, charging room for electric vehicles (tourist vehicles or buses), washing stations, unloading ramp for vehicles.

Plateforme d'essais à La Valbonne


Some of the available tracks :

- Behaviour platform (135 m in diameter): Analysis and adjustment of the road handling of vehicles / Analysis, adjustment and approval of steering systems

- Acoustic tracks (including an approved track): Adjustment, measurements and approval of external noise.

- Accelerated endurance tracks: Validation of vehicle reliability (all usage levels).

- Use-specific endurance tracks: Assessment of vehicle services depending on the client’s use / Different sections representative of urban, road and site circuits

- Low road-holding track (approved track): Adjustment and approval of ABS systems.

- Outer road: Motorway / A-road type driving – Assessment of vehicle performances, driving comfort, good road-holding when braking, behaviour.

- Ramps from 8% to 50%: Assessment of clearance, strength of parking brakes.

- Dirtying track: Optimisation of vehicles to limit dirtying.

- Deep ford (water depth up to 1 m): Clearance, water-tightness.

- All-terrain development zone: Clearance, adjustment, reliability.

- Comfort track: Vehicle comfort assessment on urban-type obstacles.

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