This is not a solicitation for funds but if you would like to be among TRANSPOLIS’s investors, please let us know. While we aren’t able to accept small investments, we are glad to talk to anyone wishing to sustain this game-changing technology. For those individuals or groups with significant investment capital and the vision to see to the horizon, TRANSPOLIS offers a rare opportunity.

If you wish to know more about us and learn about the investment opportunities with TRANSPOLIS, please contact us at :


As you can see, we collaborate with some world-class businesses and organizations:

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We continue to welcome outstanding companies and associations that can contribute to the TRANSPOLIS endeavor. If you believe that your organization has something to offer TRANSPOLIS, please contact us at :


We are very comfortable in front of the camera or microphone, and enjoy being quoted in articles. If you are a media outlet, reporter, or the like, please feel free to contact us. TRANSPOLIS presents a compelling, innovative, and exciting story that makes for a good interview. Be sure to ask us about our graphics, B-roll, and videos to supplement any coverage. We are set up to do interviews on short notice and our entire team is ready to talk to you at :


If you represent a media outlet, or have an interest in partnering with TRANSPOLIS, let us know and we will see about arranging a tour of our headquarters in the Lyon area. While we aren’t able to give tours to individuals at this time, please watch our website for events and open days when we will open our doors to the general public. So, if your company or organization plans to work with TRANSPOLIS and would like to arrange a tour, contact us at :


TRANSPOLIS is interested in hearing about your trade show, symposium, or gathering. We are able to participate in select events and enjoy showing others our unique product. If you would like to enlist someone from our TRANSPOLIS team to come to speak or present at your large-scale gathering or select management meeting, let us know. We have some very exciting presentations and materials to share with you and your audience. You may contact us at :


Your opinion matters. We try to reply to all comments and inquiries. And while we may not be able to respond personally to every submission, each will be read and considered. The world is filled with commuters desperate for change. Your feedback may be the one special remark that helps us improve the urban mobility world. Email us at :