Our Mission

In the field of road furniture experimental evaluation, LIER-TRANSPOLIS has built up an international reputation due to its experience and the quality of its work. It is currently considered as being the leading test centre in its field.

LIER-TRANSPOLIS specialises in this type of evaluation and devotes the entirety of its experimental activities to the crash testing of road furniture. The laboratory is, therefore, entirely focused on this field and so is well-placed to help its clients in their dealings with certification bodies and notably with the task of obtaining the CE mark for their products.

Approximately 100 crash tests are performed each year on our site, some with cars, others with trucks ranging from 10 tonnes to 38 tonnes and coaches (the full range of vehicles required by European road equipment testing standards).

The context of LIER-TRANSPOLIS's testing activities is essentially the performance of crash tests according to the European standard EN1317 as a prelude to applying for the CE mark for the products tested. Within this context, L.I.E.R. is called upon particularly to test all types of road safety systems such as safety barriers and guardrails, crash cushions and barrier extremities and transitions.

Furthermore, in 1998, the laboratory was selected by the French road authorities to develop a specific test procedure for the evaluation of the degree of protection afforded by safety devices fitted to barriers to motorcyclists sliding along the ground and impacting a barrier having fallen from their motorcycle. This type of test has, therefore, been performed since 1998 and any such motorcyclist protection device must pass this test in order to be certified for use on the French road network.

Created 09 Feb 2012 Last update 03 Jul 2015