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Publication : 29 April 2016 - Article : "La ville de demain se dessinera-t-elle dans la Plaine de l'Ain ?"

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"By 2018, we will have created the only laboratory city in Europe."


EXCERPTS from an interview with Stéphane Barbier, Director of Development for the TRANSPOLIS Company,

What is the goal of this project?
We will create Europe's only laboratory city over 83 hectares in order to experiment in the field of urban mobility. This is because we need a development site that provides real situations in a faithfully reproduced urban context.

What will daily life on the site be like once it has been opened?
It will be rented to industrial companies that need to carry out experiments. Transpolis will provide engineering, research and development services that are still to be defined. The transport industry in the broad sense of the term will be the target. This will also concern people who work on roads and personnel from the telecom, energy systems, bus shelter and smart lighting sectors. The site will be open to our partners and clients who need to work using the platform. Core skills will be provided by Transpolis.

Where will the engineers, research workers and technicians stay?
There will be accommodations for everyone. With the Plaine de l'Ain Communities Association, we are discussing the installation of a business incubator if the need arises.

So this site is a first step for Transpolis?
What makes Transpolis unique is its environment, an 83-hectare site that mixes experimentation and innovation, with the aim of involving industrial companies, users and communities. Google recently announced that it would be creating its own city. Thus, there is a real need, especially since nothing equivalent exists anywhere in the world.

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