Wood-steel structure for roadside safety barriers

Some roadside safety barriers are made of a mixed steel-wood structure. This kind of structure in currently in fashion in rural places where safety equipment is meant to fit the surrounding landscape (countryside, mountains).

According to the European legislation, any vehicle restraint system has to pass two crash tests compliant with the EN 1317.

Our aim in the present study is to develop a dynamic model of the multi-material structure in order to understand and optimize such safety barriers i.e. to define the best possible association combining the mechanical properties of both materials (steel and wood).

In our paper we will present three-point bending experimental tests made at different energy levels. The laboratory tests we carried out have served as a basis for drawing up a material constitutive law in a numerical parametric study.

by C. Goubel (ab), M. Massenzio (a), S. Ronel (a)
a : Université de Lyon, F‐69622, Lyon, France ; IFSTTAR, UMR_T9406, LBMC, Bron ; Université Lyon 1, Villeurbanne.
b : Laboratoire INRETS Equipements de la Route (LIER SA) - Lyon Saint Exupéry Aéroport, France

Keywords: Road Equipment, Crash tests, Finite Element model, Wood-steel structure, LS-Dyna

Created 09 Feb 2012 Last update 14 Jan 2013