RGRA | N° 16 Europeanroads review · Spring 2010

Since 1998, Laboratoire d'essais INRETS Equipe­rnents de la route (LIER) is using a specific test protocol in order to assess the protection level offered by systems adapted to road restraint systems. This protocol concerns motorcyclists sliding on the ground then lifting the barrier and is presented in the article.

This protocol was used and modified in 2005 and 2008 for the Spanish UNE 135900 standard which is also summarized. In July 2008, (EN Technical Committee on Road Equipment (TC226) agreed on a resolution to develop a European standard to reduce the impact severity of motorcyclist collisions with safely barriers. EN 1317 standard ill be updated with the introduction of a new Part (EN 1316 — Part 8). The main content of the Part 8 draft is presented: it concerns at the moment only the evaluation of the performance level of road barriers when a motorcyclist 15 sliding along the ground and hits the barrier,

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