VTS - Shanghai Vehicle Test System, Our distributor in China

22/may/2018 - TRANSPOLIS signs a new distribution partnership for its APTS abdominal pressure sensors with a Chinese company: Shanghai Vehicle Test System Ltd.

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Shanghai Vehicle Test Systems Ltd specializes in provinding test equipment, systems, software and related solutions for those in the industries of automobile, military affairs, aerospace, research, education and auto parts.

APT sensors, Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors, were developed for the Q-Dummies series, representing children from 1 to 10 years of age. They are an indispensable tool in the assessment of abdominal lesions caused during crash tests on restraint systems for children

For further information or quotation, please contact our intermediary in China: 

Shanghai Vehicle Test System Ltd

Hanson Wang

Phone: +86021-50373416 50373296-806


Address: Suite 501, Building C2, No.1599, Xin jinqiao Road, Pudong District, Shanghai(201206)

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