TRANSPOLIS at London Tech Week - June 12/14

04/june/2018 - From June 12 to 14 will take place in London, the Smart Transportation & Mobility Event, as part of TechXLR8 of the London Tech Week. TRANSPOLIS will speak about "Autonomous Vehicles" on June 13, at 2.05pm. 

Smart Transportation & MobilityLogo Smart Transportation & Mobility

The TRANSPOLIS conference will be held on June 13, 2018 and will tackle the subject of "Autonomous Vehicles",especially the "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Safety Under All Circumstances". 

With headlines firmly fixed L4 & L5 automation, it's crucial to recall it remains significant development for ADAS technologies. Debate how to further develop the system that will protect people whilst drivers are still part of the equation. The program is detailed on this link

DATE : Wednesday June 13th, 2.05-2.25pm

PLACE : ExCel, London, United Kingdom

REGISTRATION : please follow instructions here 

The event wants te be the place "where the automotive and transportation communities unite to shape the future of smart mobility". The main topics will be :

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Shared Mobility & Transportation
  • E-Mobility
  • Live Car Demo's
  • Project Kairos Stat Up City 

Innovations in autonomous vehicles, data & AI, electric vehicles and shared mobility are set to revolutionise the transportation sector. However, before sustainable, seamless, intermodal transportation can be realised, a brand new ecosystem of cities, automakers, tech & infrastructure companies and MasS providers needs to develop.

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