Strategic agreement with Objenious

23/ago/16 - Transpolis SAS, which develops the unique city laboratory in Europe dedicated to innovation and experimentation in urban mobility solutions, has reached a new milestone by building a major agreement in the field of connected mobility.

logo Objenious

Transpolis SAS announces a strategic long-term partnership in the telecommunications sector with Objenious, a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom. The partnership is based on LoRa technology – a worldwide standard – and offers a network, an IoT platform and appropriate services that meet the needs of the smart city and smart mobility.

Objenious will bring its technology and solutions to the 80-hectare Transpolis platform, thus providing optimal connectivity to test solutions for object-to-object communication, as well as connectivity between vehicles and their environment. Applications are concrete and critical, particularly in the driverless vehicle area, which is a key topic.

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