Partnership with BOUYGUES TELECOM for 4G-5G

16/july/2018 - Transpolis SAS welcomes a new partner, Bouygues Telecom, a major player in telecommunications in France, which has strongly committed to 5G. It is indeed the first operator to open a pilot on this technology in real conditions in France.

logo Bouygues Telecom
The company brings a wealth of essential services to the entire ecosystem and technologies deployed on the 80-hectare Transpolis platform. Through the unique dynamics of Transpolis, Bouygues Telecom has the ambition to develop innovative solutions in the field of 5G technology, particularly for the development of Smart Vehicles and vehicles with high levels of automation (C-V2X technologies). ).

Bouygues Telecom and Transpolis will be able to test V2X type communications to prepare for national deployments of these communications in 4G and 5G technologies
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