PHD VIVA EXAMINATION - Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clement Goubel, Project Development engineer, defends his thesis this coming Thursday, December 13 at 9 am, at the IUT Lyon1, Gratte-ciel site, Amphitheatre 4. Access Map

The PhD viva examination is opened to all, you are very welcome to support our colleague.

The thesis subject is about the «Modélisation d'essais de choc sur dispositif de retenue de véhicules - Application aux dispositifs mixtes acier-bois».

In France, one third of the people dying on the roads are killed after impacting against a hazard. In 90% of the reported cases, these accidents result from loss of control. Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) are specially designed to restrain an errant vehicle and to limit impact severity.

Before being installed on the roadsides, these devices have to be crash-tested according to standards in order to evaluate their safety and deflexion performances.

Tolerances exist on impact parameters (vehicle, vehicle mass, impact speed, impact angle, impact point …) and material’s mechanical characteristic uncertainties have an effect towards device performances and have to be taken into account during numerical simulations.

Steel-wood structures present an additional numerical challenge due to wood heterogeneity and its sensibility to environment variables such as temperature and moisture content.

In order to assess the effect of this variability toward safety performances, three point bending dynamic experiments on structural samples are performed and modelled.

Fiche conclusion Soutenance thèse Clément Goubel

Finally, a complete model of a vehicle restraint system is built and validated according to real crash test results thanks to a parametric method. This method takes into account the variability of the parameters associated to the failure modes of the structure. Once validated the model is used to assess the effect of wood mechanical properties modifications due to environment variable variations.

Keywords : Crash test simulation, Vehicle Restraint System, Finite element model validation, Parametric studies, Failure modes, Wood

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