LIER merges and becomes LIER-TRANSPOLIS

3/Sept/2014 - After 20 years of existence and with an internationally-recognized reputation for its expertise and professionalism, the LIER laboratory is evolving, by merging with the French company TRANSPOLIS S.A.S

LIER merges and becomes LIER-TRANSPOLIS

The resulting structure is called LIER-TRANSPOLIS and now offers a broad platform of research and experimental activities at two complementary facilities: Lyon Saint-Exupéry (the current LIER site) and La Valbonne (some 20 km north-east of Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport).

This global platform, headed-up by a public-private partnership, is made available to those involved in R & D in the fields of road equipment, ergonomics for transport, public transport  and freight transport.

The services of L.I.E.R. and ERGOPTIM continue to be provided by the teams in place, always with unwavering quality. In addition, a new range of vehicle dynamics services are offered, at our extensive proving ground dedicated to the testing of passenger and freight transport vehicles.

LIER-TRANSPOLIS can offer each of its industrial partners a solution tailored to developing and validating his concepts and products, thanks to a widened range of activities:

  • VEHICLE TESTING adhesion, endurance, acoustic tests;
  • ROAD EQUIPMENT IMPACT TESTING road restraint systems, support structures, vehicle security barriers, vertical signs
  • COMPUTER SIMULATIONS for road equipment and vehicle ergonomics;
  • ERGONOMICS ergonomic optimization of products and services dedicated to transportation;
  • TRAINING on digital tools and ergonomics.

The future development of a laboratory-town, the only one of its kind in Europe, dedicated to the testing of innovative urban transport systems will subsequently allow the use of a systems approach to the testing of solutions in a simulated urban environment.

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