Berthelet investit dans TRANSPOLIS

26/feb/2018 - Transpolis SAS welcomes a new strategic investor: the company Berthelet, one of the main mobility and service providers in the region of Lyon and around.

Berthelet investit dans TRANSPOLIS

TRANSPOLIS SAS, a service company proponing a "smart city lab" unique in Europe announces the arrival of a new strategic investor in the field mobility services, Berthelet. Berthelet is a French company specializing in passengers transportation services based in the surroundings of Lyon, France, strongly committed to the energy transition and to a global and innovative approach to its business.

The company brings a brick of essential services to the entire ecosystem and uses deployed on the Transpolis platform. Through the unique dynamics of Transpolis, Berthelet aims to develop innovative solutions in the field of mobility management in the cities of tomorrow: multimodal offers with low carbon impact and connected services.

"With the arrival of the Berthelet company, Transpolis integrates expertise and solutions that are essential to the systemic, collaborative open-innovation approach that will allow experimenting urban mobility solutions within a dedicated" smart city lab "on an 80-hectare platform We are delighted by this collaboration, which promises to be very fruitful and which will have an impact for all Transpolis' partners thanks to the pooling of solutions and services provided by Berthelet "says Dominique Fernier, CEO of Transpolis SAS.

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