ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

31/aug/2015 - TRANSPOLIS has developed a unique methodology and is equipped with specific tools for ADAS design, evaluation and validation for the whole transport industry.

IT Roundabout

TRANSPOLIS can meet your requirements on testing of driver assistance systems, and offers you to benefit from the expertise of an experienced team, which works with a methodological approach that integrates human factors and behavior.

The experiments can subsequently be conducted on a unique site specifically tailored for both private and commercial vehicles.




  • hill-start assist
  • adaptative cruise control
  • automatic parking
  • platooning
  • HMI
  • geolocation
  • task automation systems
  • adaptive cruise control
  • advanced ergency braking system
  • vision assistance
  • lane change assistance
  • traffic sign recognition
  • pedestrian detection
  • intersection assistance
  • vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • platooning
  • transmission
  • driver information
  • danger zone warning
  • driver drowsiness detection
  • ecodriving
  • adaptive cruise control

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