Safety of Use

Our analytical skills activity / behavior, cognitive ergonomics, biomechanics and measurement of physical interactions allow us to offer a wide range of studies.

Assessement and/or improvement of the security related to the use of the product by optimizing the design of the product based on:

  •     behavior and characteristics of users
  •     situations and environment


  •     Diagnosis / Improvement of users safety
  •     Diagnosis / Improvement of the product's safety, guaranteeing its performances
  •     Design optimization

Example of studies and references

  •     Summary of standards related to both safety and comfort : writing of a specification paper for the design of trams driving cabs (STRMTG - branch of the Ministry of Ecology and Transport)
  •     Business analysis and integration of a touch pad for airport runway inspection agents - criticality and mental load rating (DALI scale) - Paris airports, France
  •     Business analysis and design of a new CPC : management of the security of the driverless metro in Rennes, France

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