Expertise in human factors and ergonomic design of transport systems

The creed of this department is “universal design” in order to help the industry in designing vehicles (cars, industrial vehicles, trains, motorcycles, trams, buses, coaches) which take into account the usability needs and expectations of all future users:

  • Driver or passenger,
  • Small or higher height,
  • Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) or visually impaired user,
  • Mother with stroller or traveller with heavy luggage,
  • Youngster or senior.
Out of a vehicle - simulation Types of people by height and weight  

Our experts offer training in ergonomics to destination to engineers, designers, architects, designers, buyers, manufacturers, network operators, transportation, local authorities.

Non-exhaustive catalog :

  • Ergonomic design: implementing the anthropocentric conception
  • Usability vehicle
  • Cognitive ergonomics and activity analysis
  • Designing for seniors
  • Accessibility and Transport
  • Drivers and backache
  • Conceptual comfort
  • Collection and analysis of data for ergonomics
  • Training on specific methods and tools. Example: Measuring Point H

Each training module is deployed on a single day. Several units can be coupled together and our programs can be personalized. We also offer training sessions open to all.

Created 09 Feb 2012 Last update 02 Apr 2015