Diagnostic of Acceptability


The Acceptability of an innovation is the value of the mental representation (opinions, attitudes, etc. more or less positive) about its utility and usability. This mental representation can be individual or collective. Its value influences the future use, purchase decision and appropriation of the innovation.


  • Assessment of the use value of the innovation
  • Enhancing the appropriation of the future product/service
  • Study and defining the success factors of the projects
  • Defining relevant design criteria
  • Comparing / assessing performances with respect to the market offers
  • Developing innovative concepts


  • Literature reviews and use of IFSTTAR data
  • Surveys and interviews with target population samples
  • Quantitative studies
  • Creativity methods et workshops
  • Panels of future users or target populations
  • Benchmark based on use analyses of products/services in specific contexts
  • Specification redaction including the acceptability criteria
  • Coupling acceptability and usability analyses for a fast development of performant innovative solutions
  • Setting-up and participation to collaborative Research & Development projects


  • Acceptability assessment of an ecodriving interface for bus and coach drivers
  • Acceptability assessment of a new system helping visual impaired people to use public transports


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