Analysis Tools & Methodology

Upstream, the analyses are carried out using recognized scientific tools: diagnosis, overviews, ergonomic observation coupled with measurements, qualitative analysis and coding activity, surveys, audits, benchmarking, feedback and/or statistical analysis.

Surveys are conducted, in support of these analyses, to measure real activity:

  • Physical measurement > eye-tracker, laser…
  • Physiological measurements > heart rate , EMG, VO2..
  • Biomechanics > Force sensors, motion capture, pressure matrices,…
  • Anthropometry > 3D body scanner
  • Subjective evaluations > Comfort and discomfort scales (EVA)
  • Activity analysis > Software and data integration methods

We have an advanced expertise in human modeling and motion simulation. The objectives are to take into account the interactions between the future users and the product to be designed. It permits to :

  • Validate or adjust the dimensions of the product according to the needs of the target population from the small female to the tall male,
  • Validate the visibility of the commands or different items
  • Evaluate the perception of the space around the future user,
  • Evaluate and optimize the comfort or discomfort.

We collaborate with LBMC (IFSTTAR laboratory) to gather more data and to add practical value to their research.


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Created 09 Feb 2012 Last update 02 Sep 2013